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Places to Visit in Chennai

Things to do in Chennai

Chennai formerly known as Madras is the capital city of Tamil Nadu state and is the fourth largest metro city in India. The city grew up around the English settlement of Fort Saint George and gradually absorbed the surrounding towns and villages. However, despite the strong British influence, Chennai has retained its traditional Tamil Hindu culture and effectively blended it with the foreign influence. The city is widely spread in about 180 Sq. Kms. It is a major trade center, being well linked by road, rail and air to important cities besides being a sea port. Compared to the other major metros of India, it is far less congested and polluted.

Chennai Day Tour Sightseeing

Day 1: Visit Santhom Church, Kabalishwara Temple, St. George Fort and Madras (Chennai) Museum, where you will experience a peaceful atmosphere.

Distance from major cities
Mahabalipuram 55 kms
Kanchipuram 75 kms
Pondicherry 160 kms

How to reach there
Kamraj National and Anna International Airports are situated at Tirusulam about 20 Kms from city.
Chennai Railway Station is well connected with all major cities of India.
Chennai is connected with good network of roads to all nearby cities of Tamil Nadu.