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Places to Visit in Goa

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Margao: About Margao refers to all the historical and geographical facts of the city of Margao. Margao city located in Goa is known to be the commercial capital of the state. Margao also known as Madgaon is one of the oldest cities of Goa. Margao has a rich history to boast about. During the pre-independence period ancient Margao was known to be the temple town of th country. Much before the Portuguese colonizers settled down in this part of the country this region was home to innumerable temples. From the time the Portuguese settlers strengthened their base in Margao most of the Hindu temples were destroyed. Christianity was propagated and a multitude of churches were established.

Old Goa: Old Goa was the erstwhile capital of the Portuguese dominions in Goa. Before the arrival of the Portuguese on the Goan shores, Old Goa was the regal capital of Sultan Adil Shah of Bijapur. After defeating the armies of the Sultan, the Portuguese led by Alfonso de Albuquerque started building their empire around Old Goa.

As the epicenter of Portuguese territory, Old Goa witnessed the profusion of magnificent churches and majestic buildings befitting the stature of the city. During its halcyon days, Old Goa became famous as the "Lisbon of the East." But soon recurring outbreaks of epidemics like cholera and malaria made the city highly inhospitable and the Portuguese moved their capital to Panaji in 1843.

Goa Day Tour Sightseeing

Activities in Goa: There are many activies you can do in Goa like visiting South Goa, North Goa, HOHO Bus Tour, Dolphin spotting Trip, Crocodile Sighting Trip, Adventure Boat Party Trip, Watersports, Scuba Diving etc.

Distance from major cities
Mumbai 590 kms
Kochi 768 kms
Bangalore 605 kms

How to reach there
Dabolim Airport is 28 kms from Margao and is well connected with all major cities of India.
All Railway Stations like Margao, Panjim, Vasco etc are well connected to all major states & cities of India.
Goa has a good network of roads and it is well connected to all nearby states.