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Places to Visit in Orchha

Things to do in Orchha

Orchha today is a sleepy little hamlet but it was once the capital city of the mighty Bundelkhand Empire. From time immemorial, Bundelkhand has been an important destination for all sorts of tourists and travellers. The famous Chinese pilgrim, Hiuen Tsang, visited the area in the 7th century a.d. and gave a vivid account of the kingdom of ‘Jejakabhuti’, which corresponds to modern day Bundelkhand and a small part of Bagelkhand as well.

Orchha as it stands today, was founded in the 16th century a.d. by the Bundela chieftain, Rudra Pratap. The Bundelas were a warrior tribe who traced their ancestry to a medieval Rajput prince who sacrificed his life for the mountain goddess, Vrindavasini. In return, the goddess proclaimed that henceforth, he and his descendants would be known as ‘Bundelas’, or ‘those who gave blood’. The Orchha Bundelas are said to be chiefs of the Bundela clan settled all over the plains of North India.

Orchha Day Tour Sightseeing

Day 1: Visit Ram Raja Temple, Jahangir Palace and Betwa river side.

Distance from major cities
Agra 235 kms
Khajuraho 175 kms
Jhansi 25 kms

How to reach there
Agra is the nearest airport to Orchha and is well connected with Delhi & many major cities of India.
Jhansi Railway Station is well connected with all major states & cities of India.
Orchha lies on the road between Jhansi and Khajuraho.