Cost of Traveling in India

Cost of Traveling in India
Cost of Traveling in India

India is a great destination for travelers of all different budgets. In terms of a holiday, India has pretty much all climates and sceneries on earth and that fact that it won’t bankrupt you only makes it a more attractive destination.

From accommodation to transport, guides to meals; we have included a short guide below about what you will potentially spend. This can help you effectively plan your journey to India and enjoy your holiday all the more. Whether you are a backpacker, a modest traveler, a luxury-lover or someone who wants to see everything the country has, this country can fit your budget.

We have separated this article into four ranges; Backpacker, Budget, Mid-range and Luxury. Remember that these rates will change depending on the season, hotels, activities, type of transport etc.

Backpacker (20-30$ / 15-20€ per day/per person)

For the backpacker, you can stay in basic accommodation, eat out in modest establishments and obviously sample some of the amazing street food. You will be able to use local buses and non air-conditioned trains. The value for backpackers is that they really immerse themselves in the culture of this wonderful country.

Budget (35-55$ / 25-40€ per day/per person)

This is a modest calculation for the budget traveler. If you really are a diehard backpacker, you can actually live in India for less than this. However, this calculation will include stay in budget hotels, home-stays and cheap dormitories. You will be able to travel in local government and sometimes private transport and non air-conditioned trains. Monuments in India can cost more and the cost will obviously depend on how much you want to see.

Mid-range (55-80$ / 40-60€ per day/per person)

The mid-range budget is what most travelers to India will live on. With this amount of money per day you can really experience some of the places that this fantastic country has to offer. You can stay in interesting hotels such as ‘havelis’ and even old manor houses and palaces where the royalty used to live. You will be able to have a chauffeur and car, some flights, air-conditioned trains and buses. Although there are loads of different types of eateries you can go to, a mid-range restaurant will set you back between 20-25$ or 15-20€.

Luxury (110-160$ / 80 -120€ per day/per person)

There are some of the best and most luxurious hotels in the world in India. You can have 5star treatment, incredible world and local cuisine, a large car with chauffer, internal flights according to your timetable, guides or escorts and much more. Take in mind that larger metropolis cities will be marginally more expensive (such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata). As a note, the super-high end hotels will probably set you back from 200€ per day per person.

Travelers take note:

Foreign travelers are generally charged more to enter tourist sites than local tourists. Sometimes the change in price can be very alarming, but it is controlled by the Tourism Board of India and therefore beyond our control. There will be additional charges for cameras.

Larger cities like Delhi and Mumbai will be more expensive than other cities, especially the hotels. High season between November and January/February is the most expensive time of the year to travel.

There is lots of opportunity to eat out in India, ranging from simple street food (which is extremely tasty) at around 50INR to medium-range restaurants costing around 400INR up to the high-end establishments which will set you back around 1500INR.