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CozyNuk Payment Options

Booking & Payment System

Once you have refined your perfect itinerary with one of our specialists, we will enter the payment procedure.

To secure the particular services we require a 30% to 60% of the total quantity of the tour. On receiving the quantity, we will send you two documents:

An Acknowledgement of Payment Letter with all necessary details for your archives.

A PDF document with all the tour information and confirmations of the various services. If there are changes due to non-availability of services and/or accommodation (see terms and conditions) we will inform you promptly for changes and work together to secure your booking as you want it.

We also generate a username and password to our CozyNuk Travelogger software, where you can see your complete tour program with the confirmation status. You can also share this username and password with your friends and family, to let them know when & where you will be, to contact you any time if they want.