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What to wear while traveling in India

Travelers take note

A common consideration is what to wear on your travels. Keep in mind comfort and of course mobility, but also the local traditions and cultural norms. Considering a journey over summer, we have compiled the following notes for you.

For Men

Longer shorts are recommended, as opposed to those 70’s mini shorts. Long sleeved and short sleeved t-shirts are common but we recommend a vest and a shirt. The vest will cool you down as a sweat-breaker and the shirt will keep you light and aired.

In sacred places such as temples you will be expected to remove your footwear and wear long trousers and sleeves.

Avoid denim as it is heavy and you will sweat more than necessary.

For Women

In general you should stick to comfortable t-shirts and shirts and shorts that are cover your knees. If you are traveling alone try not to show too much flesh as this will only attract attention. Respect the local cultures and dress appropriately.

Avoid revealing clothing, even on certain beaches. In Goa generally anything is acceptable as it is very westernised.